Tech Event Host

Louie Christie is an events host specialising in technology events.

I have a masters degree in human-centred computer systems.
No, I’m not sure what that means either.

– Louie Christie

It’s something to do with making computers user-friendly.

And god knows, we could all do with a bit of that.

Tech Talks

Louie Christie is a decent web & app developer, and gives good tech talks.

He’s never actually done a talk at the TED conference.

But he gave a bastard of a tech talk called at the last London Bar Camp unconference.

Much like the real-life Stefan Butler from Black Mirror Bandersnatch. 🖭

Louie Christie in a computer server room, plugging in network cables.
Action shot: Louie Christie fixes The Internet
“I used to work in IT support… People on their desk would normally have a picture of the thing that is most important to them. Maybe their children, or their wife.
Some fuck had his Audi.” – Louie Christie

Zoom Escape Room Host

Louie is an occasional online escape room host. His influences include Richard O’Brian in the Crystal Maze, the GamesMaster, and Labyrinth’s Hoggle.

Recent tech talks:

  • Headless WordPress, Gatsby, and strawberry JAM @ WP_Hooked 2020 (slides)
  • IT recruitment is f@!ked and how I’ve tried to life hack it @ BarCamp London XI 2019

Technology Event Host