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Louie Christie occasionally does gonzo journalism, behind the scenes filming, and rocumentorialism ([TBC] coming soon after the Isle Of Wight Festival 20181) some sort of documentary film making (maybe on spongy wheels).

(@*!) 🥂🍷*

After this video was made the British comedy awards  was axed.



  1. Relating to or denoting journalism of an exaggerated, subjective, and fictionalized style.
  2. Bizarre or crazy: the woman was either gonzo or stoned

– Oxford English Dictionary online

Louie Christie also does stand-up comedyimprov, and comedy drama.

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      British comedy awards 2014,
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      The Velvet Onion


* (@*!) Comedians like Sean Walsh will fucking swear. And Matt Berry. Probably not Sandi Togsvig (@*!). Leave

** 🥂🍷Includes boozing. Leave