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Louie Christie does gonzo, behind the scenes filming, and rockumentorialism (coming soon).

3 Video Warnings:
   : Age warning - IF age < 16 THEN Leave.
  (@*!) : Swearing warning - Comedians like Sean Walsh will fucking swear. And Matt Berry. Probably not Sandi Togsvig. Leave.
  🥂🍷  : Boozing warning - Includes boozing. White wine, red wine. Also champagne and Crabbie’s (undocumented). Leave.

After this video was made the British comedy awards  was axed.


gonzo …

  1. … Using an unconventional, exaggerated and highly subjective style, often when the reporter takes part in the events of the story …



  1. A wild or crazy person

Wiktionary (Accessed 21 July 2018)

In 2018-2020 Louie Christie will be doing some sort of documentary film making.

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The glamorous world of documentary filmmaking

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Louie Christie is extremely well qualified. While holding down a full time job in the day, at night he studied earnestly at Raindance Film Centre, gaining his Documentary Foundation Certificate after a long, five Wednesday evenings.

Louie Christie trained under:

  • Gold Plaque winning documentary maker Vanessa Engle. Her documentaries are regularly viewed by millions worldwide. She started her illustrious career spending years on the BBC training scheme.
  • Award-winning director and renowned documentary guru Col Spector, critically acclaimed for his documentary about a photographer and a holocaust survivor.

In a similar vein, Louie Christie is planning on making a funny documentary about his mate Nigel.



Coming soon… ish (probably)… (more likely Summer 2020)…

Joy, Depression, And A Moment Of Fame: A Rockumentary [Working Title]

A funny documentary that follows Nigel Thomas, nearly 40, a British musician, actor, and wannabe indie rock star as he releases his latest album in another ballsy attempt to become famous.

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