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Louie Christie occasionally does gonzo, behind the scenes filming, and rockumentorialism (coming soon1).

3 Video Warnings:
  . : Age warning - IF age < 16 THEN Leave.
  (@*!) : Swearing warning - Comedians like Sean Walsh will fucking swear. And Matt Berry. Probably not Sandi Togsvig (@*!). Leave.
  🥂🍷  : Boozing warning - Includes boozing. White wine, red wine. Also champagne and Crabbie’s (undocumented). Leave.

After this video was made the British comedy awards  was axed.


gonzo …

  1. … Using an unconventional, exaggerated and highly subjective style, often when the reporter takes part in the events of the story …



  1. A wild or crazy person

Wiktionary (Accessed 21 July 2018)

In 2018 Louie Christie will be doing some sort of documentary film making (maybe on spongy wheels).

The glamorous world of documentary filmmaking

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Louie Christie also does stand-up comedyimprov, and comedy drama.

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Coming soon… ish (probably)…