Louie Christie is an Underground Comedian

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‘Underground comedian’ is a phrase Louie Christie coined to describe being a new comedian who is alternative, not mainstream, and not successful.

Louie Christie does not perform regularly, so catch him if you can on the underground comedy scene:

  • in London, United Kingdom, and other places
  • in small basements below and above pubs

“Always ready to ask questions about why/how we do things.”
– Pete Camp

Stand-up Comedy

Louie Christie underground comedian
Louie Christie mostly performs improv comedy. But whenever he mentions it, most people want to talk about stand-up comedy.

Louie Christie does stand-up comedy occasionally. Usually leaving just enough time between gigs to forget any jokes or stage craft.

His stand-up comedy style is alternative, observational, irreverent, and a bit dry.⬇️*

Alternative: Following the British 1980's tradition, not mainstream
Observational: Not one-liners
Irreverent: Not reverent
Dry: Not sure - Bill Murray?

⬆️*and multi-layered.

Louie Christie basically stands on stage and tells people how he sees the world. Oracle logo A world which is equal parts funny, exciting, mundane🔒, and surreal.

Funny-odd, and, funny “ha ha”.


Louie Christie has never won a comedy competition. Let alone entered one1.

[1] Except once by accident in Margate. He didn’t win.*
* It was won by his arch nemesis, and ex-comedy-partner, ‘musical’ comedian Boris Witzenfeld.

Live Shows

No upcoming events

– Please note: Due to a technical glitch, if it’s British Summer Time (BST), the show actually starts 1 hour later than above advertised.
– Please note: However, if you are one of Louie’s typical tardy mates the show starts at the time advertised.
– Please note: If you are one of Louie’s very tardy brothers, the show starts 4 hours earlier than advertised.

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