Louie Christie is an Underground Comedian

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‘Underground comedian’ is a phrase Louie Christie coined to describe being a new comedian who is alternative, not mainstream, and not successful.

Louie Christie does not perform regularly, so catch him if you can on the underground comedy scene in small London basements below and above pubs.

“Always ready to ask questions about why/how we do things.”
– Pete Camp

Stand-up Comedy

Louie Christie underground comedian

Louie Christie mostly performs improv comedy. But whenever he mentions it, most people want to talk about stand-up comedy.

Louie Christie does stand-up comedy only occasionally. Usually leaving just enough time between gigs to forget any jokes or stage craft.

His stand-up comedy style is alternative, observational, irreverent, and a bit dry.⬇️

Alternative: Following the British 1980's tradition, not mainstream
Observational: Not one-liners
Irreverent: Not reverent
Dry: Not sure, Bill Murray?

⬆️and multi-layered.

Louie Christie basically stands on stage and tells people how he sees the world.

A world which is equal parts funny, exciting, mundane[VIP], and surreal.

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Funny-odd, and, funny “ha ha”.


Louie Christie has never won a comedy competition. Let alone entered one1.

[1] Except once by accident in Margate. He didn’t win.*
* It was won by his arch nemesis, and ex-comedy-partner, ‘musical’ comedian Boris Witzenfeld.

Live UK Tour Dates

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– Note: Get there early, doors normally open 1 hour earlier.
– Note: If you are one of Louie’s always-late brothers, the show starts 3 hours earlier.

Louie Christie also entertains worldwide at European music festivals (mostly behind the bar pulling pints), and is big in the quilted multiverse.

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