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Meet Louie Christie. He’s a family-friendly street performer.

Louie Christie wows audiences with juggling, mime, and his latest trick – the skateboard of doom.

He performs at:

  • The world famous, family-friendly tourist attraction, London’s Covent Garden
  • Around the world
  • And…
  • Once a year at his friend Lizzie’s summer BBQ

Louie also teaches circus skills. But not the skateboard of doom, it’s too dooming dangerous. 🛹

He has trained under the instruction of world famous street performer (and brother) Andy Christie at City Lit, a stone’s throw from the world famous Covent Garden Piazza.

He has also trained in acrobatics at the world famous ‘Circus Space’  National Centre for Circus Arts. Evening classes, not the three year degree, that would require doing stretches and stuff.

He has also trained at the world famous Gosport Church Hall Juggling Association.

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Louie Christie has performed at London Covent Garden exactly thrice.

The first time was in an audition. He passed. But his brother was one of the judges.

The judge said, ‘you’ve got to start somewhere. If you can’t be crap on the street, where can you be crap?’

The second time, he fell off the skateboard of doom. And bruised his bum.

The third time it was late, and a homeless guy politely asked Louie to keep the noise down because he was trying to sleep.


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